Kara in VegasHi, I’m Kara

I am passionate about helping families become more vibrant and healthy.  Embrace wellness, in all aspects of the word; body, mind, spirit, soul.  Imagine each member of your family thriving like never before!

I do this by using health and life coaching to transform the rhythms your family lives by. The result is healthy individuals thriving in heathy families that make a positive impact on each other and their community.

Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • I have no time.  We’re too busy to get healthy.  We live in a state of chaos and it’s driving me crazy.
  • All my family wants to eat is junk food. If I make something healthy, they won’t touch it.
  • One (or more) of us are struggling with body image issues that are negatively impacting our life.
  • We are in a meal rut and we’re doing way too much take out.
  • None of us are getting enough exercise.
  • I often feel exhausted, depleted or stressed.

If any of these issues are dragging your family down, and you’re ready to transform, let’s talk!

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The vital Three M’s of Wellness

  • MINDSET   It’s never just about the food or exercise.  It’s always about our limiting thoughts and the lies we believe about ourselves.  Transformation happens by healing our mindset.
  • MEALS  Together we’ll discover what types of  nutritious foods work best for your family’s lifestyle, taking into account food preferences, time and money constraints, cooking skills, and food intolerance’s/allergies.  You’ll learn how to eat good food on a regular basis.
  • MOVEMENT   My movement philosophy distills to one word… Joy.  If movement isn’t joyful, fun, or at least enJOYable, it will never become a sustainable habit. Together we will discover styles of movement that work for your family. Movement will become a fun way to spend time together.

Healthy Bodies.  Healthy Minds.  Healthy Spirits. Healthy Emotions. Healthy Ambitions. Healthy Relationships.

    family eating healthy foods family hiking healthy family with two kids

Call/Text (303) 669-7284 to Book your FREE, No obligation coaching Session

If we decide to work together, my pricing is simple:  Investment is $1/minute, no matter if we are coaching, video chatting, goal setting, brainstorming, working out, cooking together, grocery shopping, hiking, walking & talking, etc. No contracts.  Very flexible.  We do whatever is required to facilitate transformation for you and your family.

God has a plan for you and each member of your family. 

It is good.

I work with clients all over the country via telephone and private live video chat.

Kara Galvin-Fischer

Wellness Coach for Families

(303) 669-7284 karagalvin@gmail.com 

Book your FREE, No obligation coaching Session