Yoga in the Classroom

Would you like to offer Yoga at your school?


Healthy Me, The Balanced Classroom would love to set up a yoga class at your school.

  • After-school yoga programs are typically one hour long, one day per week for 6 weeks.  However, we can tailor the length of class or number of weeks to fit your school’s calendar.
  • Sessions are $8 per class per child ($48 for 6 week program per child). Some scholarships are available. Discounted rate of $5 per class per child is available for Title I schools. Parents or PTA/PTOs usually pick up the tab. We provide flyers to inform parents how to sign up thier child. 
  • We provide classes in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, preschools/day care facilities and other alternative learning environments.
  • Classes are taught by certified, insured yoga teachers with backgrounds in childhood development and education who bring creative classes to children of all ages.  Classes combine breathing exercises, games, yoga poses, stories, crafts and quiet relaxation. Themes support physical, mental and emotional health in a safe, fun environment.
  • What is yoga?  Yoga is a practice in mindfulness- being in the present moment and paying attention to what we are doing with our minds, bodies and spirits.  Yoga uses movement, breath and activities to achieve our best possible physical and emotional health.
  • Why yoga for kids? “Kids and teens can do yoga for the same reasons as grown ups do: because it feels good to stretch out your body, slow down your breathing and relax your mind. Yoga can help you feel calmer when life is busy and stressful.”
  • Do kids really have stress? “Some psychologists believe that today’s youngsters actually are faced with more stress than children of previous generations were, and they have fewer social supports available.” -The Academy of Pediatrics
  • What our students, teachers and parents say: ‘I have less trouble falling asleep at night now.’ ‘Our class practiced breathing exercises almost every day before and during testing, and the whole process went better than other years.’
  • Our growing curriculum offers: After school yoga programs for children. Adult yoga classes for teachers, staff and parents. Professional development workshops for teachers and school staff. Yoga as part of P.E.
  • We gladly work with home school groups, preschool and daycare facilities, sports teams and clubs, special interest groups (like Girl Scout troops) and many other organizations.
  • Healthy Me Yoga programs can be sponsored by schools, PTA/PTOs, or paid for directly by parents through forms sent home with the students.
  • Please contact us to set up a brief meeting to talk about your needs.

Call or text Kara Galvin (303) 669-7284 or

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Healthy Me, The Balanced Classroom was founded by Jan Pratt & Lenora Degen of  Omtastic Kids Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs.

Fall Curriculum: Yoga Around the World. Students learn about world geography and ‘visit’ a new country each week. Students  learn about the culture of the country and how kids who live there are similar to American kids and ways in which they are different. 

Spring Curriculum: Planting Seeds. Students enrolled in the Spring semester learn a STEM topic about plants, as well as how to plant seeds of kindness in their lives. 


Mental Health ~ Imagination ~ Flexibility ~ Relaxation ~ Focus

Stress Relief ~ Laughter ~ Confidence ~ Coordination ~ Self Esteem

Creativity ~ Coping Skills ~ Good Immune Systems