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 Permission to CURVE eBook & Videos for Curvy Yogis 

Curvy Yoga Ebook

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Curvy Yoga’s founder, Anna Guest-Jelley, is brilliant!
Her eBook, Permission to CURVE is full of 60+ poses specifically designed for curvy yogis.
At it’s core, this eBook and Video Series is about radical self-kindness and love

Anna’s been practicing  and teaching plus size students for over 13 years.

This 120 page eBook is a collection of her best, most safe, sane poses and inspritaion for curvy yogis.

Due to it’s digital nature, the eBook is highly interactive, so you can customize your yoga practice.

There are many asana books on the market (asana is the Sanskrit word for pose) but with Permission to CURVE, you’ll learn several ways to make each pose work for your curvy body.

It’s the best of Curvy Yoga, made portable.

Curvy Yoga is all about body positivity and granting yourself permission to do yoga, your way. With a softer heart, a stronger foundation — and a sense of curiosity & fun.

The eBook & Videos feature easy-to-follow instructions, illustrative photos & 15 videos to show you how to put it all together.

Bonus personal stories, words of encouragement & inspiration included.

Give Yourself The gift of yoga, get yours today