I spend a lot of time researching cool products that can improve your health. Here are my faves:

PRODUCTS I LOVE (and sell)

USANA Life Sciences Supplements  I needed the ‘big guns’ to recover from my cancer treatment and I found this line of pharmaceutical grade supplements to be the perfect solution.  Amazing stuff!  I could feel a difference in my body within two weeks.  If there are any gaps in your diet or if you need immune, digestive, bone health or cardiovascular support, please let me know. usana-products-image-of-all-lines

Aromatherapy with doTERRA Essential Oils.  Using pure essential oils revolutionized the way I manage our family’s health.  I’m so happy to have found non-toxic health care resources to support our health journey. We replaced all of the toxic body care and cleaning supplies with natural versions that work better and smell delightful.  The emotional wellness support essential oils provide is pretty amazing. If you need help with an emotional or physical issue, and you want a natural solution, check ’em out.



  • Cook For Your Life by Ann Ogden, two time cancer survivor.  Delicious, nourishing recipe book for cancer patients at any stage of treatment.
  • Handbook for Humanity by Dianna Frederick. My wise and dear friend wrote this book with the intention to help us all live happier, healthier, more harmonious lives filled with love.
  •   One of my favorite authors who writes about learning to love yourself.


  •  Inspiring stuff to nurture your mind, body and spirit.  Check out the online courses!
  • This coalition is committed to body love by developing, promoting and supporting yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity. The mission not only advocates yoga as an essential tool in personal transformation, from the inside out, but also includes a critical social justice component by challenging industry leaders and media creators to expand their vision of what a yogi looks like.


  • Revenue Tribe offers thought provoking workshops to help you uncover your Unique Contribution to the world.  Once you know that, they’ll help you monetize it so it becomes your successful career.


  • Meditation Apps by Dr. Tanie Miller/ Music by Matt Magarahan  these two apps for iPhones or Droids feature guided meditations from 5 -20 minutes.  Dr. Kabala is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing at the West Chester Wellness Center in West Chester, PA.  Matt is a talented musicain (and my best friends husband). If you need a quick break from the craziness of life, give them a listen!

Tanie App Present and Peacful

Tanie App Rest and Restore







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