No, I’ll Just Wait Until I Lose Weight

Finish this sentence: “I’d really love to ____________, but I need to lose this weight first.”

What parts of your life are you putting on hold because of your current size? Relationships, career goals, having fun..?  I hear ya.  I did this for years.  Still do from time to time.  But think about this:

What if Jennifer Hudson chose not to try out for American Idol because of her size?Jennifer Hudson

What if Oprah decided not to pursue a career in television because of her size?oprah

What if Melissa McCarthy never auditioned for Gilmore Girls because of her size? Melissa McCarthy

What if IZ decided not to perform live on stage because of his size? Iz

What if Adele abandoned her signing dreams because of her size? Adele

The world needs your gifts.  Your gifts are not dependent upon your size. Stop postponing your life until a magical number appears on the scale.  Better yet, stop using your scale and start doing what you were put on Earth to do.  Focus on your dreams, not the size of your jeans.

Journal Exercise

Let’s revisit the sentence: “I’d really love to ____________, but I need to lose this weight first.”

Elaborate on what you wrote in the blank.  Dig a little deeper.

  • What would doing this thing mean for your life?
  • What joy or satisfaction could come from doing it?
  • How big an impact could it make on your life?
  • How big an impact could it make on your family, friends, coworkers or the world?
  • Are there little people in your life? What does your holding back teach them?
  • What if you got hit by a bus tomorrow and your life was over and you never attempted it (kinda morbid, I know, but you get my point)?
  • How much time and energy do you spend on body dissatisfaction? If you re-directed that time and energy into doing this thing, what would that free up for you?

What are three action steps you will take this week (that have nothing to do with changing the shape of your body,) that will move you forward towards this goal?

Who can you share these action steps with that will hold you accountable? (I’m happy to be your accountability partner if you need one.  Book a time to talk HERE)

You are smart, precious and perfect, exactly as you are. Even if you don’t believe that, it’s true. Give yourself permission to live the life you are meant to live, right now, in the body you’re in at this very moment. Let me know how it goes!

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.  Namaste

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Kara Galvin-Fischer, Health & Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher (303) 669-7284