Wheel of Life Exercise

Wheel of Life Exercisewheel of life

  1. Use the pie chart above or make your own on a sheet of paper.  Feel free to change any of the headings to represent each area of your life.
  2. Place a dot on the line between 1-10 for each category to indicate your satisfaction level with each area of your life.  1 being ‘completely unsatisfied’ goes close to the center of the circle, 10 being ‘perfectly satisfied’ goes close to the exterior of the circle.
  3. Connect the dots to see your Wheel of Life.  Example: Wheel of life completed
  4. Identify imbalances.  Which areas of your life need some attention?
  5. Brainstorm a long list of activities that would add to the satisfaction level of that part of your life.  A long list equals 10 or more action items you would consider doing to improve that area of your life.
  6. Choose 1-3 things from this list that you can commit to in the next 7 days.

This is a great tool to use quarterly to see how your life is unfolding.