Your Big Why

my big why

As humans, we are motivated by PAIN or PLEASURE. We don’t transform our lives without a really good (and usually quite painful) reason.  Here is a series of journal prompts to use to declare your BIG WHY

1) When I think about spending time, money and energy on my health & wellness, these fears come up for me:

2) When I transform into the happiest, healthiest version of myself, how will I feel?

3) Once I’ve transformed into my healthiest self, I’ll be able to do and enjoy these things:

Until the pain of staying right where I’m at becomes way to harsh, I won’t transform.

I know my BIG WHY will drive my behaviors and thoughts.

I understand that our culture perpetuates a lie that a thinner body equates to health, wealth, happiness, beauty, self-worth, control and confidence.  But I also understand that even if I lose weight, my internal problems and insecurities will still exist.

I’ve come to understand that Life- Sucking emotions like unworthiness, guilt, grief, sorrow, loss, resentment, jealousy, loneliness, rejection, perfectionism, non-forgiving, fear, anger, hatred and blame are SOUL issues, not WEIGHT issues.

4. I mask these Life-Sucking emotions through various negative Behaviors & Strategies. (Choose all that apply): Binge Eating, Dieting, Emotional Eating, Disordered Eating, Excessive Exercise, Avoiding Exercise, Smoking, Doing Street Drugs, Seeping excessively, Zone out with TV, Zone out with Devices, Drinking Too Much, Sexual Behaviors, Skipping Meals, Negative Self Talk, Overbooking my Calendar/FOMO, Ignoring Self-Care, Biting my tongue, Overreacting, Withdrawing from Friends/Family, Over Working, Abusing Laxatives, Creating Drama, Abusing Prescription Medications, Other behaviors/strategies I use to cope with Life-Sucking emotions:

5) How long have I been using these strategies?

6) How do I feel about my use of these strategies?

7) How much longer to I want to keep using these strategies?

8) How do my strategies effect my children, family, relationships, work and other parts of my life?

9) Am I ready to learn new, healthy strategies to deal with my emotions?

10) Am I ready to transform?

11) Here is a list of 3 Big Dreams my soul desires to experience in my lifetime. (My Bucket List)

12) I’ll be able to enjoy these daily activities when I’m not so tired, sick, pained, out-of-shape and/or depressed:

13) I feel these three life-draining emotions daily. I’m looking forward to changing these.

14) These are three life-enhancing emotions I would like to experience every single day of my life!

Let’s do some ‘time travel’

15) If I don’t make any improvements in my health, in 10 years my quality of life will be: 16) If I don’t make any improvements in my health, my contribution to the world will be: 17) If I don’t make any improvements in my health, how will I fulfill my life’s purpose?

18) At the end of my life, it will not be about my things, it will be about the people I love and those I’ve touched by my presence and contribution. When I think about the people dearest to me, what prices will they pay if I chose to continue to neglect my health?

19) Am I repeating any of the patterns of my parents? If so, what are they and how do they make me feel?

20) Here is a list of the MOST important people in my life. What impact will it have on their life when they watch me transform into the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of myself?

I understand that my BIG WHY is the fundamental reason for choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.  It gives me clear direction and empowers my daily choices.  It’s like the sail of my ship, that keeps me going in the right direction, even if it’s not in a straight line.


Now, I Declare my BIG WHY ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

I will read my BIG WHY aloud daily. I may choose to share it with people close to me.  I’ll put a copy of it on my bathroom mirror, my dashboard, my fridge or inside my pantry cupboard.

This exercise was adapted from The Healthy Edge Getting Started Right Guide Book. by author, Amber Thiel. Amber is BRILLIANT and dedicated to helping women live the most abundant version of their lives.  Check her out at and order the full book at