Wedding Weight Loss

Here comes the bride. It’s YOU. Congratulations!

Of course you want to look your best on your wedding day. Your new husband will most likely shed a tear when he sees you. Your dad is gonna have a hard time keeping it together as he walks you down the asile. Everyone you love will be staring at you all day. The photos will last a lifetime. Why wouldn’t you want to look and feel amazing? 

Brides do lots of crazy, not-so-healthy, and sometimes downright dangerous things to lose weight before their weddings. Its a super stressful time. If you tend towards emotional eating, this could get dicey. 

How about a healthy approach to pre-wedding weight loss? How about an approach where you;

  • Learn how to eat healthy, real foods that slim you down in a healthy, natural way. 
  • Learn healthy cooking skills so you can make good use of the kitchen gadgets you’ll receive as gifts.
  • Release your unhealthy relationship with food. Lets not bring any ‘food baggage’ into your brand new marriage.
  • Create healthy habits with your new husband such as cooking together, working out together and enjoying vibrant health together.
  • Learn new, effective, do-anywhere fitness moves you can easily fit into your hectic schedule.
  • Rev up your sex drive and keep it thriving long after you’re back from your honeymoon.
  • Create traditions with your husband that center around health & wellness. What might those be for you two? Saturday morning hikes? A couples massage once a month? Grilling a healthy meal on Friday nights on your patio? 
  • Go into marriage with your eyes wide open about each other’s food & fitness issues. If one of you is committed to a healthy lifestyle and the other brings home fast food and twinikes on a regular basis, sparks are gonna fly.  Let’s nip those issues in the bud early.
  • Build a legacy of health and happiness in your marriage that you can pass down to your future children and grandchildren.
  • Establish a foundation of health and vitality so you can grow old together gracefully.

If this approach sounds smart to you, let’s do a free Health & Wellness coaching session. Your fiancé is welcomed (and encouraged) to join us.

If we decide to work together, you can choose from a 30 Day, 8 Week or 12 Week Health Coaching program designed to help you look and feel great and start your marriage off on the right foot. 

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