Walk and Talk Health Coaching Sessions

Are You Getting Your Steps In On Your Own?

If not, sign up for a Walk & Talk Health Coaching Sessions for extra accountability


How often do we SAY we’re going to exercise, but don’t?  Most of us need a little more incentive and accountability to meet our goals.

  1. Call/Text/Email me to book a time (303) 669-7284, karagalvin@gmail.com
  2. Put on your sneakers
  3. I’ll call you at our appointed time
  4. We’ll do a mobile health coaching session.

Common topics for health coaching sessions include: food/cooking, time management, fitness, self-care, uncooperative spouses and family members, eating/exercising at work, emotional eating, meal prep, cravings, stress management, body image, belief systems, resistance, boundaries, caffeine, sleep, alcohol intake, illness, etc.  You’ve got a lot going on.  We’ll talk through it and come up with a strategy that works.


  • Book a Single Session: $30/half hour, $60/hour
  • Book 2-4 Sessions: $25/half hour, $50/hour
  • Book 5 or more Sessions: $20/half hour, $40/hour
  • Sessions never expire

We’ll walk, we’ll talk, you’ll hit your goals!