Healthy No-Fridge-Needed Snacks

Keep Healthy Food Close.

That’s one of they key strategies healthy people use to keep their energy up all day long, avoid the late-afternoon lull and head off binge eating in the evening.  Snacking is vital to keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day and keep your metabolism fire burning all day long.  If you have access to a fridge or cooler, your snack options are endless.  If not, use this handy list of no-fridge-needed snacks.

These snacks are perfect for:

  • Keeping in your Car
  • Road Trips or Air Travel
  • Your Child’s Backpack or Locker
  • Your Desk Drawer
  • Your Car

20 Healthy No-Fridge-Needed Snacks

Pumpkin seeds




Sunflower Seeds

Trail Mix (homemade if possible)

Lara Bars or RX Bars (most other bars are candy bars disguised in healthy wrappers)

Clementine Oranges


Not-too-ripe bananas

Baby Bell Cheese (good for a few hours before it gets too soft)

Apples or Pears

Apples dipped in a single size serving of peanut butter

Popcorn (not microwave popcorn)

Homemade protein power balls

Homemade granola bars

Applesauce Pouches

Fruit Leather (not fruit roll ups or other fruit snacks)

Kale Chips

Dried Fruit

snacks in your desk drawer    snacks in your backpack