Salad Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothies- Drink your Salad!

salad smoothie

Almost every morning around here starts with a Salad Smoothie.  It’s a great way to get some leafy greens into my body first thing in the morning.  If I don’t have it with breakfast, then it’s usually my mid-morning snack.


  • Salad Greens– one handful (spinach, power mix, whatever greens you have)
  • Banana– half
  • Fruit– grab a handful of a second fruit (I usually choose frozen, organic berries but mangoes, apples or pears work well too)
  • Himalayan Salt– one dash (also called pink monk salt)
  • Lemon– juice of half a lemon, seeds removed
  • Flax Seeds– one spoonful of flax seeds that have been soaked in water overnight (just keep a tiny container of flax seeds with water in the fridge all week)  If you didn’t plan for this, just add the flax seeds as is.
  • Mint Leaves– toss in just a few mint leaves (I keep these in the freezer because they go bad quickly)
  • Other Veggie– feel free to add an optional second veggie like cucumber or red cabbage
  • Coconut Oil– one teaspoon of unrefined, organic Coconut Oil
  • Ice Cubes– if you like it super cold
  • Filtered Water– play with the amount to get the thinness/thickness the way you like it. I use about a cup.  You could also use coconut water if you’d like.

Pulse blend for a few seconds until everything gets to a smoothie consistency.   Drink it with a thick straw or pour it into a to-go bottle and drink on your way to work.

There’s not much protein in here so I usually add a hard boiled egg or some other sort of protein to round out my breakfast.

Leafy greens are major cancer fighters and provide all kinds of micro nutrients your body needs.  Why not drink them first thing in the morning to give your body a boost!