Is Today Being Sacraficed for Tomorrow

I heard a 51-year-old man elaborate on this topic recently.  He had just retired from a VERY successful career as a fashion executive.  He owns two homes in Italy.  He has a loving wife (he’s straight, I promise.  I met his lovely wife).  They have traveled the world and can buy almost anything they want.   He said, “If I had known then, what I know now, I would have quit years ago.”

Careers never give back, they only take from you.  Sure, they give you money, but at what price do you pay for this income?  Time, relationships, health?  If you dedicate almost every waking hour of your life today is dedicated to your career, today gets sacrificed for tomorrow.

Today is often spent for planning tomorrow, or worrying about yesterday (or last month, or last year).  Today seems to wiz by us a warp speed.  We don’t usually slow down long enough to have a look around and enjoy today.  Sure, planning for tomorrow sounds wise and responsible.  But here’s the catch… tomorrow never comes.  When tomorrow does come, its today and today always gets sacraficed for tomorrow.  Truly a vicious cycle.

And what if tomorrow comes and you get hit by a bus.  Are there things you want to experience before you die?  What if you work yourself into the ground, and you die on the first day of your retirement?  What then?

Today.  Slow down, look around and enjoy this moment in time.