Unlimited Love in Your Heart

I now know this to be true:  Because I am a human, I have an unlimited amount of love in my heart.

The love in my heart does not have a bottom, it is like a glass of wine that is perpetually fHeart from Natureull.  When I give my love to someone, I haven’t lost anything.  It hasn’t been ‘used up’ or depleted and it isn’t a scare resource that is to be rationed.   It is vast- larger than the known universe.  Love is like water.  It falls from the sky in the form of rain or snow (sometimes it falls softly, sometimes violently accompanied by thunder and lightning), it collects in puddles, rivers and oceans, it evaporates and then falls to Earth again and again.

Because I have an unlimited supply of love, I can give it freely.  I can fill myself up with love, then let it overflow by sharing it with my family, my friends, my enemies, people I have not met yet, people I will never meet who live in far away places, and all forms of creatures (cats, dogs, elephants, bees, trees and plants).

I can receive love from everyone.  The people of the world who know this to be true are sending me loving kindness this very moment.  I may never meet these people face to face, but they exist.  They are sending me loving kindness, and I soak it up with gusto.

Love is unlimited, and always flowing from me and to me.  It is divine.