Bully, Diva or Queen?

This was a revelation to me: A Queen does not attack, she magnetizes.

In our culture, both men and women are told that the way to get something you want is to go after it and not let anything stop you.  This may suit a King, but it’s a bit different for a Queen.  She knows that the best strategy is to not chase what she wants, but to compel it to come to her through her sense of richness and dignity.   – Susan Piver from The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

A Queen is not a doormat.

A Queen lets people do things for her.

A Queen lets someone know when they have mis-treated her.

A Queen does not let herself get completely over extended by trying to make other people happy.

A Queen does not act like a slave.  A Queen does not ack like a bully.

A Queen is full of grace, elegance and loving kindness.